3rd Grade Bloggers

KidBlogMs. Crooks’ class has recently started blogging using the easy and exciting program called KidBlog.  This simple blogging platform allows the teacher to setup a classroom blog that can be seen by all of her students and parents.  She then created individual student blog accounts for each student in the class.  Did I mention it is also free and protected from outside visitors?  Those are two bonuses that provide
a feeling of comfort to the students so they don’t have to worry about who might comment on their blogs; this is a closed site, just for  classmates.
Our first day of logging on #kidblog
Blogging allows all kids to share with each other their ideas and thoughts about a given topic or just what is happening in their life.  Students don’t realize it but they are using those writing and grammar skills, that you the teacher stresses in English class.  Their writing now has meaning and purpose and they have pride in their pen, wanting to show it off.  They begin to write more and to their surprise enjoy their writing efforts.  Students could hardly wait for their classmates to post a comment back to a blog post; which honestly made Ms. Crooks a little nervous as she was quickly trying to read and approve all their postings.

Are you interested in seeing this excitement from your students?  Take a chance and visit Kidblog.  Try it out.  Feel free to give me a call and we can set it up together and even roll it out together in the classroom with your students.

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