Exit Tickets turn into a Collaborative Review

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Traditional exit tickets have been completed on a slip of paper, collected from each student as they leave the classroom.  They are a great, quick formative assessment to determine whether or not the students understood the objectives.  They can also be used to prepare students for the lesson that will be coming the next day by activating prior knowledge, getting them thinking.

But what if we used exit tickets to encourage students to work together.  Instead of independent responses, why not allow students to answer the exit question(s) on a collaborative document?  Now the students can see what others have added, increase their understanding with the help of their peers, have a quick, digital copy of notes they can use to review the lesson, and you can easily see who is on the right track and who might need a little clarification.

Using a Google doc, with editing shared to all who have the access link, allows all classmates to work together and helps them guide their own learning.  Rather than just the teacher giving out information and keeping track of their student’s learning, now you are giving that responsibility back to the learner.

Give it a try.  Here is a video that walks you through the steps of setting up a Google doc so it is ready for a collaborative exit ticket.


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