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After reading a discussion on my listserv about “flipping” faculty meetings as a way to get rid of the “daily chores” and leave more time for professional growth, I would like to share the site called “lino” or “linoit”,  This site can be used by anyone but rather than just share it with teachers I thought it would be better shown through example, so I’m sharing it here in hopes it will spark and idea and someone will try it out.

This site is a post it note site that can be shared with others via a link (or embedded on a website).  You post your notes, agenda items, reminders, links, pictures, video, etc. and teachers would review this site before the meeting.  Teachers (or others) can also post notes to the board if they need to with any questions/comments.

You can post the meeting topic or assignment to staff if you will: you post a video link or article link that would be reviewed before the meeting and have staff post their thoughts about that information.  This allows your actual meeting time to be devoted to conversation about the “learning topic” and how it can be implemented in the classroom, i.e. more time for professional growth rather than “daily chores” that always need discussed.

Here is an example of a board about Flipped Classrooms.  See it embedded below.


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