Inspiring Students to Write

I just learned of a blog called – Writing Prompts; a blog created by a teacher that includes daily writing prompts some even with common core standards listed.  The writing prompts go across the curriculum and aren’t necessarily just for the English department.  Some of the prompts are strictly text however many of them are actually visual prompts incorporating visual literacy.  Try them out with your students as a start to class or even an ongoing journal activity.

With all students having a google account (the nbpanthers account – which teachers also have), students can create a blogger account, operated by google, using their nbpanthers email account.  They could use the blog to post their responses to the writing prompt on a daily basis or weekly basis and have it viewed by classmates and other community members for feedback; we all know that outsiders are more important to please than our teachers, not sure why.  It is amazing how important grammar, punctuation, and capitalization become when someone else might read what they wrote.

The writing prompts can be used within Moodle.  Create a forum post for the students to respond to as a simple discussion forum or a “create your own topic” discussion forum.  The visual writing prompts can be included in the forum post just like the text.  You can also create an ongoing journal activity for students to write on a weekly basis based on a given prompt or writing activity.

Here is an example from the site:

visual writing prompt - She ran after him!

Check out her work…it may just save you some time to spend on another task!

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