Google Classroom coming for NBPanthers


If you have been using your NBPanthers – Google Apps account and wondering how to best integrate it with our MS or HS Moodle site, Google has just solved it for you.  Coming in September, a full release of Google classroom will be available, free, to all Google Apps for Education (GAFE)  users.

Google has developed a learning management system (LMS) that fully integrates your Google Docs (or Drive) and your Gmail account so that students know right away which assignments are due and which assignments are awaiting your feedback.  The classroom LMS will automatically create folders to collect assignments as you create them for the students.  There will also be increased communication tools available for you to use with your students both inside and outside of class.

Check out the latest blog release from Google describing their newest tool for GAFE users, the Classroom.


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filedesc is an awesome app that is synced with your Google apps account.  This site allows you to watch an internet video and take notes; these notes are recorded in time while it is playing.  After you watch the video your notes are saved in your Google Drive account for you to access at a later point.  The owner of the notes document can share their notes with another student or the teacher.

When you click on your notes file in your Google Drive list, you will need to open this file in, as it will not open in Google Drive.  Once your notes file is open again, you can click around your notes and your video will move to that exact position where it was playing when you first took your notes.

For the teacher, this could be a great benefit for a video being shown in class as a large group.  You could setup a file and share that file with a student who was absent that day.  They could watch the video and record their notes; you can keep them on track with the class by filing in the gaps they missed with points that would have discussed as a large group.

Teachers could also assign a video as a homework assignment to the class.  Each student would need to watch the video and take their notes while watching.  They would then share their note file with the teacher as a way of submitting their homework.  The next day in class, the teacher could do a short discussion or use that video information in the next part of their lesson.

Students could use as a way of reviewing what was shown in class if they didn’t get a chance to see the whole video or simply want to review was discussed.

How-To Video – Shows you how works with Google Drive

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Graphing Calculator…Photo Editing…AutoCAD…Oh My!

While investigating some changes in our Google Apps For Education (GAFE) – Drive account (formerly called Google Docs), I have learned that we can no longer create a new document from a template.  Part of the Drive account (your online document storage location) now allows you to add apps to your drive screen; so I decided to see if I could add an app that would run the template setup.  I didn’t have much luck there but I did find some new apps that I felt were worth sharing.

A few weeks ago I described a video app – WeVideo, that connects into your Drive account and allows you to create and collaborate with others on a video project, so you aren’t tied down to one computer.  Now I have learned of a few other apps you should know about:

  •  Graphing Calculator by Desmos – you can add this app to your Google Drive account so that you can create online graphs that have more detail then excel and greater possibilties than your online google spreadsheets allows.  This graphing calculator app allows you to graph mathematical equations to create an elipse, a parabola, a hyperbola, and others.  Check out this video to see more: Graphing Calculator by Desmos.
  • MindMeister – create and share mind maps online.  This means you can easily create and collaborate with others to organize ideas, brainstorm an essay, detail the steps in a lab, or map out the script for your next video.  When it is connected in your Google Drive you can connect it with others for a collaborative effort.
  • PicMonkey and Pixorial – edit pictures from your online photo storage – Picasa (part of the GAFE).  Create a photo collage, teeth whiten, add filters, edit the photo itself, cropping and more.  Remember it is online…no need to use the photo editing software anymore tied to that one computer.
  • AutoCAD WS – upload, edit, and share AutoCAD files.  You can now work on an AutoCAD project online from any computer without being tied to specific machine, and again it’s FREE.

You will find many more apps to connect with your Google Drive account.  Take some time to check them out!  They are online…means available anytime and anywhere from any computer and sometimes even those handheld devices.

How to Add These Apps to Google Drive:

  1.  First these apps only connect with your Drive account (easily) in the Google Chrome browser…not in Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. Sign in to your Google Apps account – ex.  All students and staff have an account.  Email me if you need a password reset.
  3. In the menu at the top of your Chrome browser, click on your drive account.
  4. Now, click on the button that says “Create” and choose “Connect More Apps”.
  5. A menu will appear on the screen that allows you to browse for all types of apps that can be connected to your Google Drive account.  Just search for the one you want and click “Connect”.  You will now see the app listed in your “create” menu just like a new document or presentation.
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