Train Your Brain for Math

Have you seen this free site, called GregTangMath, a math site for all learning levels, young and old, and tech abilities.  There are digital online games, such as Kakooma, or other games such as Math Limbo, Numskill, Funny Numbers, Expresso and more.  All of these games have a variety of levels encouraging the use of the brain, not the calculator.  There are also free printables: worksheets, challenging puzzles/games, and laminates.

There is an online game called Kakooma to practice addition, addition with negative numbers, multiplication and fractions and this game is also available in print forms.  The interesting part about this game is the levels – from simple with only 4 numbers to complex up to sets of 9.  In this game you must add two numbers that total a third number – all three of these numbers are in the same set of numbers or mini-puzzle.  You do this for each mini-puzzle in the entire activity and then finish by adding up two of the “totals” to equal a final number.  Hard to explain in words…but very easy to pick up.  For the example below, look at the pink hexagons.  In the top left, the 6 + (-4) = 2, so you “click” on the 2.  the hexagon in the bottom left, is 3 + (-10) = -7, so you click on -7.  Continue doing this for each mini-puzzle or in this case hexagons.  Then each hexagon will have one number in it, as you see with the image on the right.  Can you solve that puzzle?  Hint, the answer is already circled.  This site has these puzzles in digital, online challenges or you can print versions as well. sample kakooma game

expresso greg tang math gameAnother game called Expresso involves expressions with as little as 3 numbers and 2 operators or up to 5 numbers with 4 operators.  They give you the numbers and the target answer.  You have to choose the correct operator that fits according to the order of operations to get to the target answer.

By the way, all of these games have a timer.  How fast does your brain work? Try it out.  Take the challenge.

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