Learn Zillion with Common Core

This week is currently the annual PA Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE&C) in Hershey PA.  I usually attend this conference to connect and collaborate with other technology coaches and teachers from across the state.  However this year I have been listening and learning from afar thanks to Twitter.

learnzillion teacher screenshot HS mathOne of the resources I have just learned about is a site called “LearnZillion“.  This website has over 2000 online lesson plans that are built by teachers and connected with the Common Core.  They are all searchable by grade level, topic, or standard.  Once you find a lesson topic, the lesson plan itself has an instructional video for the teacher to use with their students.  The lesson plan supplies a “code” for the students so they can review the video on their time, at home or in class.  Depending on the lesson plan topic, students may also see a video to help them complete practice activities .

BEST thing about this site is it is FREE.  Teachers can visit the site and “sign in” using their Google account (example: bdilling@nbpanthers.org) or you can create a new account.  Students do not need an account.  Teachers can also inform parents about this site and share a lesson plan topic with the parents so they can use the resource at home as a way to support their child in school.  The videos are clear and direct and provide another way of learning for the student.

learnzillion teacher screenshot gr 5 EnglishImagine assigning this video for homework along with an outline or graphic organizer that students must complete before coming to class the next day.  In class you are able to answer questions or  uncertainties the students have about the topic.  This allows you to spend the majority of your class time helping students solve problems using this skill or topic or even put those English skills to use in a written piece or video they are creating.

Once teachers find a lesson they want to use with their students, simply give that code to the students.  The students will go to the site, LearnZillion and click on “I’m a Student”.  They will choose “Quick Code” and be prompted to enter the code given to them by the teacher.  Sorry there is no embed code for these lessons but on a positive note, the videos do not come from YouTube so even students here in class, at school, can access the videos.

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