Narrating a Power Point Presentation

man talkingSo many times in my professional development training sessions, I have referenced adding your voice to your power points that are posted online, especially when posting to your Moodle courses.  But for those without Moodle courses, you might post your power point presentations to your classroom website page or even a Google Drive account so you can share it with students, like those who were absent or who might need to hear it a second time.

Have you tried using the “narration” button that is located on the same menu as the slide show button (top of the screen in power point)?  It allows you to record your voice while presenting each slide separately or several slides all together – for those brave enough to do more than one slide.  Check out this blog post from Emerging Ed. Tech – they have a great description of this narration tool: Add Voice Overs to Power Points in 5 Easy Steps.


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Unlock Your Creative Pen….Scholastic Story Starters

story starters logoMost famous student response when it comes to writing… “I don’t know what to write about.”  Well the answer to this famous problem has arrived for FREE and no work on your part – Scholastic Story Starters.  This virtual, writers slot machine allows students in kindergarten through sixth grade the opportunity to make a few choices and then receive a writing prompt in return.  They can choose from adventure, fantasy, science-fiction or even the scrambler.  Students begin by making a decision about the theme and then enter their first name and grade level.  Next they are ready to “pull the lever” and see their “winnings”.   Hey, if they don’t “win” on the first shot, they can pull the lever again.  My first try I was given, “Write a post-card from an old police officer who ignores orchestras.”  Students can also modify their response by just spinning part of the machine such as changing the character or the maybe the character and the problem.  I changed my character from police officer to rock star.  What an adventure my story will take, hmm?

After students are satisfied with their prompt, they click next and then decide what format their story will be written in: notebook, letter, newspaper, or post card.  Students also get to decide if they will add a drawing to their story to help provide some visual literacy into their writing.  From there they can actually “write” or type their story online in the provided format and then print it or download/save it as a PDF format.  This saved file can then be included in a student portfolio or published on a class blog.

Classroom Integration:

This resource can be incorporated into a daily writing prompt, writing center, or even journal writing.  You can show the “slot machine” on the board using your projector and have the entire class write about the same prompt.  Allow students the opportunity to share their writings out loud or even in small groups; compare/contrast how the same prompt gave such different stories.  You could also choose a writing prompt and put a spin on it to turn it into a persuasive piece rather than just a narrative.

image from story starters website from scholastic

Once the students see the image on the screen their engagement for writing will soar without much discussion or instruction needed from you.  Who knew we could inspire kids to write without teacher motivation?  Check out the image and see what you think?



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Simple, Fun, Creative…Fotor – Photo Editing Made Simple

Jazz up those photos you want to display with this fast and easy photo editor – FotorFotor is an online, free photo editing site that will allow you to use your photos to create collages or greeting cards with no fee or registration required.  Once you create your masterpiece, you can save it to your computer and/or share it online to Facebook, Flickr, or email it directly to that someone special.

photo collage exampleFotor has simple editing tools to allow you to crop, remove red eye, brighten or even darken that special moment you have captured.  The collage creator allows you to add numerous photos and text into one large image.  You can add background around the pictures and reshape the images just as you would in a scrapbook page.

The greeting card maker uses your own pictures to create that special greeting card message.  The designer begins with a template section for you to choose your card design and then add your pictures as desired.  Once you add your message to the card and any extra clip art images, your card is ready to share.

Fotor – photo editor is also platform friendly….meaning you can use this site online in your favorite internet browser, phone (Android or iPhone), as well as on a Mac or PC machine.  It also runs as a Window 8 app and the iPhone app runs  on the iPad…so virtually anywhere anytime you can edit and create with your favorite shots.

The simple tools and ease of use makes this site a great pick for fast and easy creativity.  It is even better that there is no need for a registration – means no username or password to remember and the fact that it is free makes it even better.

Check it out!

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