– Note Taking Synced with a Video


filedesc is an awesome app that is synced with your Google apps account.  This site allows you to watch an internet video and take notes; these notes are recorded in time while it is playing.  After you watch the video your notes are saved in your Google Drive account for you to access at a later point.  The owner of the notes document can share their notes with another student or the teacher.

When you click on your notes file in your Google Drive list, you will need to open this file in, as it will not open in Google Drive.  Once your notes file is open again, you can click around your notes and your video will move to that exact position where it was playing when you first took your notes.

For the teacher, this could be a great benefit for a video being shown in class as a large group.  You could setup a file and share that file with a student who was absent that day.  They could watch the video and record their notes; you can keep them on track with the class by filing in the gaps they missed with points that would have discussed as a large group.

Teachers could also assign a video as a homework assignment to the class.  Each student would need to watch the video and take their notes while watching.  They would then share their note file with the teacher as a way of submitting their homework.  The next day in class, the teacher could do a short discussion or use that video information in the next part of their lesson.

Students could use as a way of reviewing what was shown in class if they didn’t get a chance to see the whole video or simply want to review was discussed.

How-To Video – Shows you how works with Google Drive

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Share a YouTube Video w/o the Extras

Have you ever wanted to share a video from YouTube without your audience seeing the comments underneath or all the related/suggested videos on the right hand side?  I have a quick solution for this problem.  Find the video you wish to share or show to someone and copy the URL of that video.

screenshot of video from YouTube

Now before you paste the link or share it to your status update, you need to modify it a bit by adding these words “_popup“.  Let’s see how this works.

There is a great video about a Flipped Classroom by Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, chemistry teachers from Woodlank Park High School in Colorado.  However the list of suggested videos doesn’t match the topic for a Flipped Classroom.  So here is the main link to the video:

Now here is how to change the link to add the words _popup:

Notice after the word watch, I added _popup.  Try it out.

If you click on the first link, it will take you to the main YouTube site.  But if you click on the second link, you will see the same video with nothing around it: no comments and no suggested/related videos.  You will still get the suggested videos at the end of the video but those are less distracting then the entire time your students or someone else is watching the desired clip.

Now there are more tricks to sharing video and other websites that you can use to show a video to make it more like a theater experience or more personal to the viewer… so this is just one of many tricks.

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